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9th Annual Berthoud Chess Open
08/11/19 11:00am - 5:00pm
Contact: Kevin GreenPhone: 9705810764E-mail: bhscommunitychess@gmail.comEvent Website
Cost: Free
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We’d like to invite you, and your family and friends to the 9th Annual Berthoud Chess Open on August 11th, 2019. This year we’re doing it on Sunday due to player demand and will be at Berthoud Park. Walk ins are welcome but please RSVP ahead of time if you’re planning to attend so that we know you’re coming. We have some boards and clocks, but if you could bring your own also that’d be great. There’s some tables and chairs on site, but to ensure them, you may want to bring your own. The time control for the tournament is G/30 or G/25 with a 5 second delay and will be 5 rounds depending on the turnout.

It’s up to you to make sure that you don’t bring any valuables or get hurt at, or on the way to and from the event, and by participating you agree that we and the park are not responsible for anything that happens. Touch and release for this tournament will be enforced but not touch move or touch take. I’m going to be directing so may or may not play depending on how many people we have and need at the start of any given round. Up to two half point byes can be requested before 10PM on the night before for any two rounds of the day for a participant except the last round. These will be honored unless the tournament turns into a round robin. It’s a swiss system tournament (no elimination) and we will use Modified Buchholz (removing the lowest score of your opponents), followed by Buchholz (total scores of your opponents) as tiebreakers to figure out who placed after.

Everyone who competes will get a prize (1-10 and participation ribbons) but the point of the tourney, is to have fun, meet other chess players and competitively compete against yourself and others to see how much you’ve improved and how much you still have yet to learn. Helping others in games to that end is prohibited and it will be up to you and your opponent to declare and decide whether it’s checkmate or not. 50 move draw and all regular rules of chess games apply. We will record the result only when both opponents agree and have signed off on it for your board. If agreement can’t be reached and the scorecard is not signed and there are no witnesses present to see and agree upon the end result then your game will be declared a draw and each player will receive half a point. Once a scorecard has been signed the result will stand whether it was accurate or not, so as a player, be sure to double and triple check that the results on your card are right at the end of the round because we’ll use those to keep track of your progress in the tournament. Get your opponent to initial or have multiple other people see the end result before resetting the board.

The tournament’s free and non USCF rated. If you have a USCF rating and know what it is please let me know before the tournament begins so that I can pair you more appropriately. The rules for this tournament are going to be similar to but not exactly the same as a USCF one because it’s not a rated tournament. Clocks will be put on games towards the end if you don’t have one, but only toward the end of the round more than likely if you don’t bring your own. If a player has a clock and wants to play on it, you’re required to do so. When playing on a clock you’re not allowed to slap and move with two hands. If both players are above five minutes you’ll just be warned, but if you do it a second time or when a player is under five minutes, we’ll give your opponent ten extra minutes when you do it. Higher up things like probable draws and things like that that you might see in a larger tournament, we won’t be keeping track or trying to determine because of how much time and speculation it would take to figure them out. If you run out of time, it will be as simple as whether or not your opponent has the material to mate or not, because it’d take too long in a tournament like this to figure it out and keep going.

Food and drink are allowed. Walk in registration for the first round starts at 11 and will go till the round starts. After 12 a game for round 1 won’t be guaranteed and will depend on where we’re at in the round and how many players we currently have. Round 1 will be at 12:00 and each one will be roughly an hour apart from there unless everyone is present and we don’t know that we’re waiting for anyone else. Walk-in registration is extended throughout the tournament. Any players that join in this way however without requesting byes before it starts will be beginning at the bottom with 0 pts.

(If there’s less than 8 people at the start of the tournament and we’re not expecting more than 7 people in total to show for the tournament, the tournament will be a round robin instead of a swiss after the first round is complete. If the tournament becomes a round robin instead of a swiss, players that join later may or may not get to play everybody/ have everybody included in their results. If a player ends up joining later and the tournament turned into a round robin they may or may not end up taking forfeit losses against anyone who they don’t get the chance to play against who’s been there longer(unless draws or other results get agreed upon between them). If a player declines or stalls accepting a challenge from a player for more than 10 minutes and is not in a game and could play them, the player declining or stalling the challenge will take a forfeit loss to the challenging player. If there’s less than 30 minutes left in the tournament and its 4:30, the above won’t apply, but if the challenge was issued before 4 the above will apply. After 4, players can choose whether or not to accept challenges that would have to be played with shorter time increments to get done by 5.

If a player is in a game when challenged, that player has to play the player who just challenged them next if they haven’t already been challenged by someone they haven’t played (in which case they have to play that player and then the new challenging player next if time permits). Tiebreaks for round robin, if players’ total scores are tied at the end of the tournament will be head to head, followed by total score against mutual opponents, followed by a 5’0 blitz play off between two tied players.)

I’m looking for more annotators/ annotations. I hope to get to annotate again, but don’t know if I will get to for this one because of how big it may be so want lots and lots, because we never get enough and or only get a few from the top boards and players. Hopin to see you there/wishin you the best, Berthoud Chess, Magic and Games :D http://bhscommunitychess.wix.com/open

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